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Why is Squirrly SEO better than WordPress SEO by Yoast? – Squirrly SEO vs Yoast

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People often ask us the following:

I have a very sensitive question to ask.  I know this may sound brash, but I have decisions to make.

Can you tell me – without tons of super-salesman promotion – how your product is different from Yoast?

That’s why this 4th Lesson will put all those questions and worries to rest. We’ll briefly present each level that a good SEO Content Strategy should touch on, and how SEO plugins help with this.

At the end of the article, you will also find a table comparison of the two plugins, which hopefully will help you get your answer faster.

Practical Things You’ll Learn in this Lesson: 

  • How to Get Started with Creating a Keyword Portfolio
  • How to Do Research for an Article in Your WP Dashboard
  • How to Gain Access to Top SEO Education

But before we move any further, you’re probably curious to know the answer to the question above.

First, here’s the answer to the question:

The main difference is that Squirrly offers 200 features as opposed to just 15 for SEO. Yoast is a very basic plugin, even though it is indeed a good one.

Even if you have the free version of Squirrly, you still get a lot more for SEO than if you were to use other plugins.

Squirrly now lets you optimize every single URL of your site. Something you can’t do in any other plugin.

You now have full control over how Google displays your pages and over how people see your pages in social media feeds, on platforms such as:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Google Plus.

Yes, this feature from Squirrly SEO which gives you full control is free of charge.

Squirrly’s PRO features are things that would cost over $600 / month to get from other SEO Software:

  • Exact Google rankings for pages,
  • Advanced SEO keyword research,
  • SEO Audits,
  • Blog Audits,
  • Social Media Audits,
  • Blogging Assistant,
  • SEO Strategy Manager,
  • Copyright-free images right in your WordPress dashboard.

Yoast nor any other classic SEO plugin offer any of these functions.

People keep recommending Yoast because it has been around for 8 years and they’ve got used to it.

Many people recommend it because that’s what people typically recommend, and they want to simply go with the flow and “say what people are saying”.

It’s the reason why we’ve made Squirrly SEO compatible with it. We think those features are basic anyway, and the PRO features we offer are what really make the difference when it comes to an SEO strategy.

So, if you want Yoast to take care of your site structure and Squirrly to make sure you actually have an SEO strategy, you can do that.

Building an SEO Powerhouse takes a lot of time. Most of our time goes into helping you, the Non-SEO expert, to become an SEO Superstar.

Squirrly SEO is the most complete WordPress plugin because it does so MUCH more for you than the classic plugins. To better depict everything, we took into account all that you need to build a powerful Content Marketing Strategy.

The result is the SEO Content Tree, where you can see Squirrly SEO software offers help for each of the 6 levels of the Content Tree.

Yoast helps with just one of the six levels.

Squirrly SEO vs Yoast Infographic

If you’ve been using the Squirrly plugin for the last few days, you’ve noticed that in the plugin Dashboard there’s always a possibility to solve an SEO problem right way.

That’s the “Check for SEO Errors” feature in our SEO Settings Assistant that we talked about in the first lesson. We created this feature because we want Squirrly to work well with other plugins, like Yoast and All In One SEO for WordPress.

I will continue to talk about all the levels from the Squirrly plugin in a bit, but first I want you to remember what I consider the best part about our tool.

Squirrly SEO Offers Real Customer Service – even with the Free Version

WordPress environments are sometimes unpredictable due to many plugins and themes. That’s why we’ve opened 5 Different Customer Service Channels for You.

We want you to contact us and get help exactly the way you want. Get more details about how you can reach us here.

Yoast makes you pay a certain amount for each of your sites. At Squirrly, Excellent Customer Service is a core value. That means we try to help any user as fast and best we can.

Now, let’s move the conversation forward.

Squirrly SEO Vs Yoast is at the ground level. All the rest is handled solely by Squirrly SEO. The infographic above showed you why it can make sense to use them both.

Level 0: The WP Site Structure and Squirrly SEO vs Yoast

The only real talk about Squirrly SEO Vs Yoast is at level 0: The WordPress Site Structure.

We know that the classic plugins can offer more in-depth help with the site structure. The reason we don’t go deeper is that we focus on the above-ground levels.

Also, we do this because we need to ensure a stable plugin, and sometimes those settings which are too in-depth will start causing problems for you, and we don’t want Squirrly to be a source of such problems.

Moving to the other levels, you will see that Squirrly SEO is the ONLY plugin for WordPress which offers you help.

To get assistance with all the other levels would cost you $640 / month for your WordPress site. (the page linked here offers information as to why this is so).

Level 1: Researching the Best SEO Keywords and Social Media Keywords

This is an important part of every content marketing strategy.

If you will stick around with our training program, you’ll get to see how this is the next thing you need to do with your WordPress site after you fix the site structure.

Neil Patel was impressed by our Keyword Research tool and said that only a few bloggers have access to such information. Which is 100% true. The Google Planner Tool will show you keyword opportunities for Advertising. NOT for SEO.

Find out why the keyword research from Squirrly is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

Squirrly SEO shows you the keywords you should use, by taking many different data points into account.

But keep in mind there’s still work to be done on your end as well.

Squirrly will, however, guide you along the way. After each keyword research that you perform, you can either use that keyword and start writing a page right away or save it in your Briefcase.

“What’s that?” you might ask. The Briefcase is basically your Keyword Portfolio – a way to know what terms your site is targeting. You can manage your keywords there with the use of labels.

For example, if you want to create different pages for each stage your site visitors are in on their Customer journey, then you can reflect that in your keyword portfolio. You can go to the Squirrly Briefcase and create the following labels:

  • “awareness”
  • “consideration”
  • “purchase”
  • “post-sale”
  • or whatever your customer journey steps are called.

You can assign a different color to each label and then simply add the labels that make sense to each keyword.

When creating new articles for the blog, you can choose the keyword from your Briefcase in order to stay focused on your SEO strategy.

We can’t talk about proper research without talking about the Blogging Assistant.

The Blogging Assistant helps you save time on the research you do for each article. It helps you find:

  • copyright-free images,
  • news sources,
  • awesome tweets by influential people.

You can use these to validate the points you are making in your blog posts.

Level 2: Scaling Content with Proper SEO and Human-Friendly Optimization

When you get to this stage, you most probably have a good site structure (Level 0) and you know which keywords/topics you will be writing about (Level 1).

To go forward with your plans and create more content which will either bring Search Engine Traffic or Social Media Traffic, you can use the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant.

When you turn all those lights green in your “Edit Post” interface, you’ll be able to hit publish knowing that your content is 100% optimized: for both search bots and actual human beings.

What we also do is help you stage your content – before you publish – with the help of the Squirrly Snippet. See how you can get better Google SERP listings.

Level 3: Making Sure the Tree Grows Strong

Yes, it sounds very zen. It is, however, true. You need to make sure that you can check your content marketing strategy and measure if you start getting more inbound links, more authority, more shares, etc.

Just having an optimized WordPress site won’t do you any good.

You need to gain authority on the web. The perfect combination for SEO is this:

Optimized Content + SEO Site Structure + High-Quality Backlinks + Social Signals

Check the SEO Audit from Squirrly every week. Making sure you get a score of 80 or above will help you reach the right combination.

Level 4: Grab the Rewards

You’re working to grow this content tree because, in the end, you want to see the results. The question is: How do you see the rewards?


Squirrly SEO gives you the ability to check your ranking on Google for various countries (so you get GEO rank, not just your rank for the general

You also get to see other “fruits”, other rewards. It will show you the top social media channel for every blog post you publish by taking into account the social media platforms that brought you the most engagement.

Other SEO stats include:

  • the level of optimization you achieved,
  • the number of inbound links you have for each page on your site,
  • the Website Authority,
  • the authority of each page.

Level 5: Education Cloud. Learning Is Growing

We realize that it takes a while to get familiarized with all these concepts.

That’s why on top of the current coaching session that you receive upon joining Squirrly SEO, you also get free access to our Education Cloud.

Education Cloud is our Membership Site, where you get access to training programs from which you’ll learn how to get better SEO and better rankings.

Squirrly is designed to be there to assist you with implementing a great SEO or Content Marketing strategy. It’s going to be ready to suggest the steps that you need to take to improve your site. But you’ll have to put in the work for that.

You can always join one of our Webinars and see the Live Streams. We stream videos about how to use Squirrly SEO to get the best results out there.

And now, here is a general table comparison of the two plugins presenting the main features you’ll need in order to implement an SEO strategy that goes through all the levels.

Why is Squirrly SEO better than WordPress SEO by Yoast?


Your Goals for this Lesson:

  • Add One Keyword in Briefcase and create a label
  • Test Squirrly’s Blogging Assistant while writing an article
  • Create an account on the Education Cloud to gain access to Exclusive Training

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