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The program is awesome because it gives you strategies and insights which are unconventional and inspiring.

What worked for others probably works for yourself as well.
Yves Findling
One of the main things I like about DM Superstars is the info is not the same old re-hashed SEO stuff that is posted on the other SEO plugin sites.

Your information is extremely relevant and actionable, not just a bunch of concepts.
Mark Rudder


Very succinct and actionable advice
Frank Cona


It's a nice idea, dripping tips and tricks via email.

You've had some useful stuff here!
Micheal Pacheco


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You need special access to learn from these lessons. The lessons are part of the Squirrly Company’s Education Cloud PLUS. There are 3 Major Components in 2021:

  • dmsuperstars.com
  • fourhourseo.com
  • squirrly.net

You can learn about the three of them on Squirrly’s Official Website.

Some of the lessons are made for email format, others for Twitter format and the rest are now PDFs and Videos on Education Cloud Plus (our “Netflix for Marketing Education”)

To register please go here (click here).

Note: you will see that Education Cloud PLUS will take you back to this website once you go through the introductions.

To login with your older account (made for Education Cloud 2016) please go here (click here).

Education Cloud PLUS (previously called: Education Cloud 2020) are the ones we will continue with, and you can login on app.dmsuperstars.com

This website used to be the Squirrly Company’s membership site created for our growing community of students (over 139,000 who completed our initial 6 modules).

If you were a user of Education Cloud 2016-2019, then please start here. We have decided to keep the legacy version, to prove our commitment to offering Lifetime Access.