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Lesson 2 – Why Getting Green Matters Even to Neil Patel, an SEO Expert?

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Thanks for joining this session of Coaching from Squirrly. We initially created this Coaching session as a Series of Lessons at the end of which you’ll be super close to becoming an SEO Superstar. It’s not only about what we teach you; it’s also about what you do with your WordPress site after learning everything.

The idea is to go through one lesson / day.

Very soon, we’ll announce a Live Webinar where we explain all the benefits you can get out of Squirrly SEO. We’ll show you how to use everything in the plugin, because what we’ve built is simply an All-In-One SEO Powerhouse for WordPress; and we have Neil Patel (a recognised expert; you can see what people say about him in the image above) agreeing with us on this one.

Part 1 – Why Does Neil Patel Use Squirrly SEO?

neil patel wordpress seo

It’s a screenshot from his article: 10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools You Need to Use

A complete content marketing suite. That means there are many benefits you can get by using Squirrly SEO, but for now, I will want to show you the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant, which is our most popular feature.

The Live Assistant is the part that helps you most in optimising your content for humans. If you tend to over-optimise and add too many keywords in an article you will drive traffic to the site, but you’ll immediately push away the human readers, leaving just random search bots to check out your content.

The purpose is to turn every white element from the Live Assistant to Green. Make sure you don’t get any Red colours (Google will decrease your scoring if you write something that we mark with red). The over-optimisation check is important, and it’s not always obvious. That’s why we help you avoid any potential threats to your rankings.

If you want to see the Live Assistant’s components explained, you can check out this article.

The reason why even experts like Neil Patel use this plugin is that it saves a lot of time for content creation and it helps with Quality Assurance as well. If you see all those lights green in the interface, it means that the article is ready to be published.

You no longer have to do anymore guess work or calculations to make sure you have 100% SEO on your blog posts, your product pages or your landing pages.

To help you, even more, we’ve put together a great guide on how to avoid any over-optimisation traps.

Part 2 – Why Is the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant Important and Why Should You Use it For Your WordPress Pages?

It is still a secret to most people that websites and content that are not optimised tend to under-perform. Optimising is done by turning all the lights green inside of the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant.

1) In a study published by, it was shown that content that was not optimised for being found on search engines by the desired audience, had very weak performance over time. Only 1 in 10 articles actually had a chance of “making it” big.

Quote from the article from Forbes: “If I told you that only 20 percent of your content is doing anything for you in terms of traffic generation, you’d do one of two things,” said Besthoff. “You’d either fire all of your writers or you just wouldn’t publish anything that they’ve generated for you.”

You can find the link to this study at the end of today’s lesson.

2) In a study made by Squirrly, it was shown that the optimised content actually managed to bring an increase in readership of over 285%, and in some cases, it was even as much as 500%.

This study was made on 49,000 sites (we told you about this yesterday via email) and the increase happened only for the articles that were optimised to over 50%. The rest of the articles under-performed and the only traction they managed to get was from social media sites where they’d been promoted, but close-to-nothing came organically from search engines.

You can find a link to some of the success stories of using this tactic at the end of today’s lesson.

Part 3 – Keyword Research from Squirrly SEO – Only a Handful of Bloggers Have Access to this.

Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant has another feature that caught Neil Patel’s eyes.

You’ll be able to find amazing long tail keywords to rank for on the first page of Google directly from the Live Assistant.

Here is how Neil presented it in his blog post:

Instead of wasting time looking for the best long-tail keywords with little or no competition in Google AdWords’ Keywords Planner, you can just install the Squirrly WordPress plugin, which helps to pinpoint the right search queries that only a handful of other bloggers have access to.

After installing the plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin, you can use it to optimize your next blog post. Here’s how:

Click on Posts > Add New. Then on the right sidebar of your editor, you’ll see the Squirrly dashboard.

squirrly seo live assistant keyword research

By entering a keyword, the plugin will start searching the main Internet Databanks that have been built for SEO and return long tail keywords that you can easily rank for.

When I say YOU, I really mean you. The algorithm is super-advanced and it takes into account the authority you have for those keywords on Google vs the authority of competing websites for the same keywords.

The data we use is created for SEO purposes, unlike Google’s keyword Planner which has been designed to help only with Google AdWords advertising.

Other than what I’ve mentioned above, the algorithm also takes into account other major factors like: how many people discuss that topic on Quora, Forums, Twitter. It takes into account the Trend of the topic. If it was trending years ago, then it’s no longer relevant and we’ll give it a lower score, so that we make sure you write about stuff that matters now.

This is how Neil uses this feature because it saves him time in this mode.

neil patel squirrly seo keyword research

He then takes the keywords and starts creating great headlines with them. After this, he builds up some super long form content which is always a great way to get articles indexed. You can see his article for more. I’ve placed the link in Part 1 of this lesson.

There is also the advanced mode, where you can even search for keywords based on Different Countries !

Part 4 – Installing Squirrly SEO Plugin, in case you don’t have it yet.

For today’s lesson, it is important to start using Squirrly in your WordPress site. Click here to download it. (it’s a .zip file. Below is a video on what to do with it. NO TECH skills required).

It will help you better understand all the principles presented in this lesson.

Here’s a video to help you install it in your WordPress sites:

Good, now that you know why it’s important to write articles that make sense for search engines, go ahead and optimise 3 articles using Squirrly, or try to write 3 new articles that are 100% optimised. It will help you get the basics to stick with you, even if in the future you won’t use any plugin for this part.

This was essential to know for all the things to follow in this training session and also for the content marketing strategy you will be building. (starting with Lesson 5 from this module)

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PS: Here’s the link to the article from

PSS: Here are some of the success stories with 500% increase in traffic after using Squirrly