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Lesson 8: Content Strategy 101. Being in the Top with News About Your Topics

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It’s great to have you in class today. Thanks for joining in.

Last time, in the 7th lesson of our 3rd Course, I showed you how to be on Alert for Better Idea Generation. Great tactics were presented there that you can take away and integrate into your content strategy.

The most successful bloggers in different niches use that method all the time, and it’s one of the basic things that comes to mind (or has to come to mind) when you need to write something new about your general topics.

Right, so lets continue this idea generation course with some new resources that will really help you get more ideas and improve your content strategy.

Being in the Top with AllTop is an amazing site, that will certainly become your best friend when writing about new topics or when trying to write something new about the topics you tackle with your posts.

Let’s say your usual topics involve “cooking recipes for dinner”, “cooking recipes for kids”. Naturally, you’re taking this idea generation course from Squirrly because you need to generate more ideas.

Oh, yes, and from time to time you need extra help in order to be able to publish and do everything faster.

That’s where comes into play!

Why Will AllTop be an Important Part of Your Content Strategy?

It will be an important part of your strategy because it will help you with lowering the time it takes to produce new content.

When you plan out your content in the Editorial Calendar, you see that sometimes it’s hard to fill one of those days with ideas of what kind of thing you’ll publish in that given day.

Well here’s the thing: you can do something as simple as writing in the cell for that given day: “Alltop article”. Bam!

Now I don’t mean that you should just go to and steal an article regarding your topics. No way. Here’s what you should do:

1) Go to > Search for your kind of topics

If we’re to continue with the idea of “cooking recipes for dinner”, you’d just have to go to the website, click Interests and then click Recipes.

There, you will start seeing a lot of articles from a lot of blogs that write about different recipes.

2) Find the articles about your topics that are hot this week.

As I said before, lots of articles. Lots of blogs.

This is the page to which you should have gotten to. Now you’ll find that there is a small box with a few articles in the upper-left corner of the page.

The articles from that box are the hottest articles for this week. It’s always like this on alltop.

content strategy

See if there’s anything you like or think would be interesting for your audience.

3) You’re the expert in that field. Find the ones that are worthy of your site

Or you can skim through the whole list and pick those that you think are interesting for your audience. It’s not always the ones alltop sais are “hot” that are always the best you can pick. Remember: you know your audience better and you also know what you’d like to write about better than anyone else.

4) Give a new angle on the story you read about, or write your own thoughts about what’s written there

Great! You now have an idea regarding which articles you found interesting for your audience. Now don’t just copy+paste them into your wordpress site: find an awesome angle for those stories.

If you remember, in the first course I gave you some blogging template files. You can find some more on: Smart Passive Income. There are 17 templates to help you out.

Now, the general idea is that you can:

– make an article that recommends some amazing articles that you found for your audience (curation work)

– Top 5 Recipes this week (and you write bits of text from the articles + link to those articles)

– Why I wouldn’t cook like X (and X is the name of someone who made a recipe. You change some ingredient or disagree that something should be done some other way. It has to be authentic though).

– One Recipe for Dinner That was Recommended by X (X being some big brand in your industry or a famous chef).

Okay, I think you get the point. You can find a lot of ideas on how to change things there.

5) And, you have a new article 🙂 Easy, right?

Yup, you now have a new article that keeps your audience engaged and makes them see that you are consistent with your writing. And also, since you found it on alltop it means that your article is:

– up to date

– current

– researched by someone else

So you cut about 1/2 of the work you were supposed to do. You can start using this method once / week and see how it goes from there.

It’s an easy way to fill in a new spot in your editorial calendar, while also bringing something cool and valuable for your audience.

More ideas to add to your Content Strategy next week

If you’re looking for something that’s simillar, but that’s MUCH MORE integrated into your WordPress experience, you can always use the Inspiration Box from Squirrly.

Your content strategy will certainly benefit from using Google Alerts and Alltop. Next time, I’ll also show you an integrated work method, straight from your wordpress.

Stay tuned 🙂


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