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Lesson 3: Figuring out Demand

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Yesterday, I asked you to optimize 3 articles using Squirrly and get them all green in the editor.

Doing that is important for you, because it will help you learn these basics and drill them into your memory, so that you’ll be awesome at optimizing articles for search.

It’s not really important for me, because if you know how to do this, you’ll be as good as our Live Assistant, and you may not want to continue using our product (oh, boy!) No, seriously, I really want you to succeed at this content marketing game, because with the right determination you can do it. I know that.

I’ve already helped other people succeed at this and most of them just were not as good and not half as determined as you are.

I usually say that stuff is new and whatever, but it’s really classic business theory. It’s not new. It’s just that it really is more important now than it ever was to get these basics right.

Now, let’s dig deeper here and see what the new principles of getting traffic are (Google is constantly changing, and I want to make sure you get to learn what actually works today and what won’t go away any time soon).

Starting off

You start off by figuring out the Demand for what you’re trying to Supply to the market. Okay? This is very important. You have an offering, a supply, and now you want to find out WHO exactly wants that from you.

Before reading further, it’s important to know that I was stupid for not following the method written here, in the first 18 months of the product.

In the introductory lesson I told you about it. I wish very hard that you won’t go and make the same big mistake that I made. After I figured demand the right way, and I made sure I built a clear way for customers to get to my offering, I gained 5,000 new customers in just 4 months. Not 18 months like before, but 4 months!! That’s a huge difference. I only wish I had someone to teach me all this back then..

Luckily, you have me to teach you this now, so let’s see who exactly wants what you have to offer and how you make them come to you.

Understanding the basics of Content Marketing

With search engines this is pretty easy. Here’s why: people are typing into what they want, what they need, what their problems are. For example: “cheap printer paper in Illinois”.

Let’s pretend that you are a guy who sells cheap printer paper in Illinois. You have no way of getting the contact details of those who search for this kind of thing, so that you can call them on the phone and say: “Hey, I have cheap printer paper. Why don’t you buy from me?”. You can’t do this. It’s technologically impossible, so what do you do then?

The following may seem simple at first sight, but it’s what most internet marketers mess up worst at, and it’s the reason for the very low quantity of traffic they get, and the poor sales they make from the traffic they get.

Good, let’s resume. You now know that there is a demand for what you’re trying to offer, and that there are potential customers for your idea or your product, but you can’t get directly into contact with them. Here’s where SEO and Content Marketing step in.

Instead of having you go and reach out to those potential customers, you have THEM knocking on your door and trying to get a glimpse of what you sell and what your contact details are.

You don’t reach out to them. They reach out to you. And since this happens, you’re in a much better position for a potential sale. Why? Because you’re not the one who is asking. You are the one who has the power, and who is being asked for a service.

Stop being pushy. Pull customers to you

You’re not pushing products to customers, you’re pulling customers to come to you, look around, see what they like. I promise you that if you manage to pull them in this way, and you offer them interesting things to engage with, you will earn their trust, and they will love you for being the solution to their problems. This love will, of course, be shown in money.

As I said, this is a coaching session, so my purpose is to get you into the right mind set, in order to understand that through seo and content you can get people to knock on your door who are Genuinely interested in your offering. If you can make that offering look good, you are in for some nice sales.

Wow, I hope I didn’t exhaust you too much.

When people try to do what I just described to you, trying to find demand for what they’re selling, they get everything wrong. And that’s why only very few people come knocking on their doors and check out their offerings.

In order to find out demand in the proper way, that also allows you to have your offering listed high on search engines, so that people get the chance to find out about you and see what you’re all about, you need to get Great at keyword research.

Most people think that just by using the Google Keyword Tool they can make magic happen, but that’s why most people fail. Why? Because Google’s keyword tool is made for google ads, not for seo. It helps you figure out if there could be some demand, but it doesn’t help you figure out how to help customers find out about you and your offering.

Tomorrow, I’ll write to you about the plan I used to get 5,000 new users in just 4 months. That usually costs $100 or more, but I want to give it to you for free, along with tips on how you can get demand figured out the right way.

For now, just think about the principles we’ve discussed here, and I’ll be seeing you tomorrow with the content marketing book and the plan inside it.

Your coach,

Florin CEO of Squirrly

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  1. I like it when you said we shouldn’t be pushy but always to be on the edge of Pulling Customers to yourself and I already applying this Idea on my blog site, great topic and I am waiting for the next topic.