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Lesson 1: Who We Are

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This is the first lesson from the Coaching Session by Squirrly. The whole course is access-only with Education Cloud, and it teaches you WordPress SEO. I’ll also teach you about Content Marketing, how to figure out demand and sell products.


You’re awesome for being engaged with this and opening it up for a good read. Our team is now 13 people strong, and you can see most of us in this image right here:


You’ll get to learn from our experiences with SEO and Business. I mean: this all started with just two people, and now look how big we’ve grown :-).

We want to show you what we’ve learned over these three years. In this first lesson, I will start presenting my experience with Online Businesses, SEO, and Content Marketing.

This lesson is not about bragging. Creating great content marketing products was not easy. Marketing these products was super hard.

A big part of this lesson will be about failure and how failing is just a part of the process. As much as I’d wish we were wizards who could snap their fingers and get things done, it’s simply not like that in the real world.

Yet, there is good news. Following the steps we’re showing in this course, we’ve managed to achieve a few things:

We’ve built two of the most Popular Software Products for WordPress: Squirrly SEO and Starbox – the Author Box for Humans. We’ve also created ContentLook. These tools have received coverage from Neil Patel, the Search Engine Journal, Elegant Themes and Brian Dean (of Backlinko).

Companies like SeedCamp, Microsoft, and the BBC have used our products.

To this day, we have spent microscopic amounts of money on ads. The reason is simple: we suck at running ads. We only know Content Marketing and getting inbound leads into our funnels. All that we’ve built has been through content. That’s why I want you to go through these lessons. I think that you can also learn how to use content marketing to get amazing results.

To get the most out of this Coaching Session, you should follow each step in order, go through each lesson and the associated work files, the best you can. There’s no value in rushing ahead if the building blocks haven’t been completed properly.

Engaging with the lessons I’ll send you requires some trust, but I guarantee it will work. It got my first internet company 5,000 subscribers in just four months, and smarter people than me even more (lucky for them).

Also, you should eat pizza 🙂 It always seems to help, don’t you agree?

You have my email address here: . Please use it during the next few days to ask me questions or just reach out.

If you want to know a bit about your coach

My name is Florin, and I’m a big fan of the power that content marketing has for making customers happy.

Content marketing helps you attract the right kind of people to your products. These people will be those who have been searching a long time for the right solution. When they find your products they will be thrilled. It will be a match made in Heaven.

That’s the reason I’ve been so involved with SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media over the years.

Also, I wear only red T-Shirts at events or the office. It’s something I learned from one of the guys who built Angry Birds, once upon a time in Vienna. He told me: “You’ll really stand out if you wear red.”

It works like a charm 🙂 #freetip.


You can tweet me at @florin_muresan

Or we can connect on LinkedIN: See My Profile and Connect!

Also, I sometimes manage to make some personal notes about Delivering Happiness. I’m a VIP in their movement, which is all about making customers, employees and investors happy.

I also write about business, startups and growth hacks on my super-personal blog:

Here’s my article from Delivering Happiness, related to Squirrly and how open we are to listening to your thoughts on all that’s going on: Everyday Happiness – Florin, Squirrly, and How They’re Making Happy Work.

On LinkedIN you can see my work experience and how much time I’ve dedicated to creating cool things on the web and helping people out with their marketing.

I can tell you that working with over 500 companies over seven years in SEO, Social Media and User Experience, have taught me one thing: “failure is just around the corner.“ Wow! Did I just say that? If you’re surprised, then you should listen to the following:

The Calm Before the Storm. The Fail Before the Win.

People like to point out when talking about their work experience that they’ve worked with many companies. They have always managed to deliver the best results. They had exceptional results on all campaigns. They are the best.

Don’t believe them.

Failure is inevitable, especially when working with so many companies and on so many projects as I have.

Just think of this: a failure rate of 1% sounds more than probable, right? That means in my case, five failures. Cool. Now think of this: a rate of 10% failure also sounds reasonable, right? That means 50 failures.

You get the point. There were failures, due to many things that just happen in the most unexpected ways. Most probably you’ve seen this in your life. At one point something just happens out of the blue, and you can’t control it at all.

In most cases, after failing once, twice, thrice, I managed to get spectacular results, but I was amazingly lucky that my customers knew and felt that I was acting in THEIR best interest, so they said: “Okay, try again.” And then, I managed to get them some great results.

Great results do not come without significant failures (With Great Failures come Great Results, will that be a thing?), and it’s not about failing. It’s about getting up after a failure.

Failure and the idea of failure always seem to scare people off. I get it, trust me. I tend to go out and eat a good pizza and clear my head when things get terrible. Internet Marketing is tough; that’s one thing that I can tell you.

Imagine how you feel when you have to get some articles written, then make them SEO manually. Afterwards, you need to manage and track backlinks for your site, post to your social media channels and keep the audience engaged.

Now imagine doing that for 30 clients over six months, with all the respective campaigns being active at the same time. Your head gets so jammed up, that you can’t think straight, even though your brain sends thoughts rushing back and forth.

When you have to deal with something like this, you need to be consistent. Don’t ignore the failure, don’t run from it, just always try to get back up and kick it in the face.

The Key to Winning and How To

Get Great Results

My clients kept recommending me to their peers because they saw that I don’t give up. Not giving up is what I do best, and it’s usually what you should do as well, even if you will feel a bit lost when you’re doing internet marketing. Most of the times, you’ll see, the great results come just when you’re feeling that it’s going down for good. Consistency is key and here’s an excellent article from about consistency in business.

You will see in these coaching materials, that I got my first internet company from 5,000 users to 10,000 users in just four months, and it all sounds great. But before that, I only managed to get 5,000 users in 18 months. Big difference.

I didn’t quit, I kept trying to come up with a winning strategy, and I did. So getting new users for my product became something that I was awesome at, even though it came at a cost: 18 months of perfecting the method.

For you, it’s going to be much easier, because I’m giving you what you need to build your winning strategy. This way you won’t have to go through all the failures that I went through.

Keeping the information to myself won’t help me, and if we get to know each other a bit, you’ll see that now and then, I’m invited to speak at webinars and events where I share the kind of stuff that made my projects successful. I do this, because if we all share and reduce the failure rate, we’ll all be winning a lot more, together.

Here’s a spectacular Mission Statement that captures the idea of sharing key information.

“Always win by helping others win.“ is what we say at Squirrly.

Our wish is to help you win!

Me and Calin, my co-founder and also the CTO of Squirrly, managed to get 90% of our customers to positions #1~#3 on google and SEO has always been our strong point, that’s why we believe that both our product, Squirrly SEO, and this coaching session will help you win.

Sometimes, I email my students to get the latest insights from them and see if they have questions. If I send that to you, feel free to talk to me, especially now that you know where I come from and what my expertise is. There is no wrong question in my book, only smart people looking for answers. Which gets me excited!

See you tomorrow, when I’ll walk you through the basics of optimizing your WordPress site for maximum results.

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  1. Great opening and yes it’s more about getting up than about falling down. We all fall down, some of us more than others but we keep getting up and that is what will make us winners in the end.

    Of course a good pizza and occasionally some ice cream can’t hurt.